th-packer_wantedThe Alferd Packer Memorial String Band is a Bluegrass/Folk group who all live in the vicinity of Lawrence, KS., founded in 1979 by Jim Brothers (1941-2013).

Alferd Packer the 1800’s Gold Prospector, Guide & Cannibal:
The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band is named after the gold prospector/guide turned cannibal Alferd Packer. Packer was the only American ever convicted of cannibalism. In the fall of 1870, five miners in Alfred’s charge headed for the Colorado gold fields. They ended up in Alfred’s stomach! At the conclusion of the trial, the judge’s exact words were, “Alferd Packer, you voracious man-eater, there were only seven Democrats in Hinsdale County, and you done et five of ‘em.”

Band Members

band_photo_02BLauralyn Bodle
Fiddle, bass, vocals and big hair
Lauralyn has degrees in math and psychology, and for her Master’s theses in architecture helped design and build an energy efficient home. She teaches Italian at the University of Kansas. Considered too smart to play with the Packers, she uses her math skills to count out the rhythm. When the rhythm wavers Lauralyn berates the band in Italian.

band_photo_05BMatt Kirby
Hammered dulcimer, accordian, snare drum, bodhran, vocals and vocal impressions
Matt’s picture is in the American Heritage Dictionary (American Heritage, 2nd college edition) next to “dulcimer”. He is an artist by trade, with a degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. He plays the hammered dulcimer that he designed and built.


band_photo_04BSteve Mason
Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin and Vocals
For a day job Steve Mason is a luthier: one who repairs, improves and creates stringed instruments. To make a guitar he starts with a tree and carves away everything that doesn’t look like a guitar. He has a degree in Biology and he’s only five years of graduate school and a dissertation short of a PhD.


band_photo_03BMike Yoder
Guitar, mandolin, bass and vocals
Mike admits to being the chief photographer at The Lawrence Journal-World newspaper. Some of his photographs can be seen in the books “America 24/7″ and “Kansas 24/7″. He usually drives the bus.



band_photo_06BNoah Musser:
Has been playing banjo since 1997, and is an instructor at the Americana Music Academy, in Lawrence.




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